Cpanel 11 正式上線

大家期得以久的 Cpanel 11 + Apache 2.0 已經正式上線了哦!
不過記得有裝 RvSkin 的朋友們記得重新安裝一下,不然可能會有亂碼或不相容的狀況哦!

cPanel and WHM 11 Overview

cPanel and WHM 11 brings the most extensive update ever to the cPanel and WHM software package. With upgrades in nearly every section of the product, this version enhances the feature packed, security minded and highly stable platform for web hosting.
This site provides an overview to the changes in cPanel and WHM 11 as well as the release schedule and cPanel and WHM product information.

New Features

  • Enhanced Security
  • Tons of New Features
  • Improved Design
  • Enhanced Usability
  • Find out more by clicking on one of the sections at the top of the page

cp11 screenshot

Release Schedule

Due to the massive amount of changes to the cPanel and WHM code base, cPanel will be releasing this upgrade in multiple stages. The first stages will contain the majority of the new features and code, including the new domain owner interface. This first stage is currently available in the CURRENT branch and can be downloaded by running /scripts/upcp on the CLI or ‘Upgrade to Latest Version’ in WHM. The later updates will be smaller and more focused, including such features as Apache 2.0.x and 2.2.x support.
The following table represents when each stage of cPanel 11 will be released into our update branches (EDGE, CURRENT, RELEASE, STABLE). It is recommended to maintain your current upgrade branch to ensure a smooth transition to cPanel 11.

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